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Athlete’s foot is caused by a fungal infection. An Itchy red rash develops in the space between the toes. The disease is typically transmitted in moist communal areas where people walk barefoot, such as showers or bathhouses.

We recommend below aromatherapy treatments to treat the illness:
- apply on skin: Add 40 drops Essential Oil into 100ml Carrier Oil, 20 drops for children
- foot bath: Add 5-7 drops Essential oil into water for foot bath (best work with solvent)

Lemongrass Nepal Oil Organic

Lemongrass is fresh smelling, emotionally stimulating and invigorating.

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Beauty Action

Insecticide, deodorant, reduce sweating, especially effective in healing athlete’s foot. Rebalancing oiliness to reduce formation of pimple and tightening enlarged pore. It is refreshing to relieve stress and tiredness both mentally and physically.

Avoid in glaucoma and with children, pregnant and elderly. Possible skin irritation and dilute before use.

Key Ingredients

  • 100% Pure Essential Oil
  • Origin: Nepal
  • Odour: Sweet, fresh grassy lemon
  • Plant Parts: Herb


  1. Add 5-7 drops (0.3mL) to water in a vaporiser or burner.
  2. Add 10 drops (0.5mL) to 15-25mL of vegetable carrier oil for use in massage.