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Full of nutrients and vitamins that are definitely good for your health. Carrier oil is used to dilute
concentrated essential oil which is ideal for face and body massage therapy.

Sweet Almond Oil Pure

Light, luxurious moisturiser without irritation

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Light, luxurious moisturiser without irritation
Traditionally used for facial and body skin care, Almond oil is rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids, B-complex vitamins, vitamins A & E, and is compatible with skin lipids. It provides hydration and nourishment, leaving skin soft and revitalised. It is an ideal carrier of essential oils for massages and suitable for all skin types.

Key Ingredients


  1. Warm a small amount of carrier oil into the palms and massage onto the body or face;
  2. Can be used alone or combined to create a synergistic blend with other vegetable oils and essential oils.

Bergamot Non-Phototoxic Oil Organic
USD$69.00 / 12ml